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Record care is part of good form…

Despite streaming services, vinyl records are still a popular medium. The distinctive sound of the vinyl discs is unique. To keep it that way, proper record care is necessary. Flux Hifi GmbH & Co. KG from Haßloch has made this care its task. Because for us, cleanliness is good form.

Needle cleaning

The FLUX-Sonic needle cleaner was developed to gently, safely and quickly remove stuck dirt from the turntable needle. A targeted vibration ensures residue-free cleaning. It is not necessary to remove the stylus.

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FLUX Turbo 2.0
Record cleaning 

The FLUX-Turbo 2.0 is a unique, completely newly developed device to quickly and easily remove dust and dirt from the record. The Vinyl Turbo combines a carbon brush with an integrated, extremely powerful suction.

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FLUX Brush Record

The FLUX-Brush was developed to remove surface dust and static charge from the record on the turntable. A completely new design combines velvet pads with an integrated carbon brush. The special velvet ensures extensive cleaning of the plate surface and dust particles are completely removed.

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vinyl record storage

The perfect LP inner sleeves for your valuable record collection – the structure is multi-layered. To protect the LP from surface scratches, a cushioning layer is installed between layers of finest paper. The special coating has an antistatic effect. FLUX-Sleeves ensure the best handling of the LP and safe storage for decades!

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We have developed various products for record care, making us the only company in the world that produces and sells these tools. We attach great importance to precision and quality. Therefore, with our own developments, we have created exclusive results for all record lovers. Our portfolio includes the following products for caring for vinyl records and also for cleaning the sensitive turntable needles:

The record in today’s world

CD, MP3 and streaming services have long since replaced classic records? You couldn’t be more wrong! Vinyl is still very popular. Records were considered a dying medium for a long time, but in recent years this classic has experienced a strong upward trend. So strong that even SONY restarted production of vinyl records in 2018.

Why is that? Records are large and unwieldy and not really robust against external influences. Music lovers appreciate the classical medium because of its full and warm sound. The haptic experience cannot be compared with modern streaming services. And with the right record care, classic media will last a very long time…

Partner für alle Liebhaber von Schallplatten

This makes Flux Hifi the ideal contact for all record lovers and record player owners. Our products can be found in some specialty stores where they can be tested and purchased. We offer care and cleaning products for sale to all other customers via our online shop.

Do you have any questions about the optimal care and cleaning of your records? Our team is at your disposal at any time. We help you ensure that the vinyl records last particularly long and that the turntables produce the best possible sound. You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 6324 / 98 97 717 or by email – we look forward to your message!